Some personnel ordered out of US embassy in Baghdad – Baghdad Video

published: 2019-05-15 14:09:14

The State Department ordered all non-emergency personnel to leave Iraq immediately, warning of threats from Iran and rising tensions across the region.

Watch the original Baghdad Video here

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  1. We are going to war folks, it’s going to be bigly. But seriously if trump does this he will lose his base and hardcore supporters. It is political sucide for trump.

  2. Another war all this approving of this wasteful war should send their kids to fight in Frontline, stop sending constituents to fight for your own benefit not the country

  3. Maybe that’s why the supeonas and all his rederick is going on so no one knows what’s going on..🤔

  4. War is not the way as solution has always been not war but peace because war is self destruction

  5. How much any one want to bet that very soon there is going to be a Gulf of Tonkin like incident making Iran appear to be the aggressor?


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