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published: 2018-07-09 10:58:08

(4 Jul 2018) LEADIN:
Iraq is in the middle of a heat wave with temperatures regularly reaching 47 degrees Celsius (116.6 Fahrenheit) during the day.
Baghdad residents are cooling down by any means possible.
Splashing about the pool, but this isn’t just about fun – it’s almost a necessity.
Iraq is enduring soaring summer temperatures, with the capital reaching 47 degrees Celsius (116.6 F) this week.
These men have brought their children to cool down in a local Baghdad swimming pool.
“The temperatures are very high and there is no electricity so I come here with my children to cool down for few hours to kill time and enjoy swimming,” says civil servant Mohamed Omran.
Iraqis have suffered from power shortages for decades due to neglected infrastructure brought on by wars and UN trade sanctions under Saddam Hussein.
In one of Baghdad’s shopping districts, shopkeepers set up makeshift sprinkler systems and fans, spraying a mist of water to help customers cope with the heat.
“I cannot endure such scorching heat while in the market so I come here to cool myself, do my shopping and then go home,” says Qaulan Kadoriee, a shopper at Shorja market.
During the merciless heat of Iraq’s summers, it’s a constant battle for both humans and vehicles to keep cool.

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